Thursday, March 24, 2005

BP, site of fatal explosion, is Nation's Leader in Accidents

BP Amoco, owner of the Texas City refinery that exploded on Wednesday, killing 15 contract workers, ranked first in the Nation for workplace accidents since 1990, according to an April 2004 report by U. S. Public Interest Group (PIRG). US PIRG reports that BP’s U.S. facilities have had more than 3565 accidents since 1990, ranking first in the nation. The report, Irresponsible Care: How the Chemical Industry Fails to Protect the Public From Chemical Accidents, analyzed the history of accidents at the facilities that implement Responsible Care®, a voluntary code subscribed to by member companies of the American Chemistry Council, formerly the Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA). Between 1990 and 2003, there has been no downward trend in the number of accidents at facilities that have implemented Responsible Care®.