Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Molly Ivins & Al Franken on Ergonomics, Shrub and Liars

Here is a link to a panel discussion from Book Expo America 2003 with columnist Molly Ivins, Fox "News"man Bill O'Reilly and comedian Al Franken. The whole thing (at least Ivins and Franken) are worth listening to. But I want to highlight the section starting at minute 7:50 when Molly Ivins discusses talking to catfish processing workers who clean 12 catfish a minute about the repeal of the ergonomics standard.

You also get to hear Al Franken call Bill O'Reilly a liar. And that Republicans and Conservatives have made a habit of lying and we've been taking it too long. And then Franken and O'Reilly almost get into a fist fight. The whole thing is about an hour and a half, but it's worth every minute. Thanks to Buzzflash for bringing this to my attention. Speaking of which, you should subscribe to Buzzflash. They'll send you a few of the best news articles every day. Check it out.