Saturday, August 26, 2006

Attention Corporate America: Ignore Me At Your Peril!

Yup, that's me: "And emerging power...that many organizations ignore at their peril."

Fear of bloggers seems to be a booming business. (I wrote about a similar organization that challenges menacing bloggers last week.) The Chamber of Commerce seems to be making money off of sowing fear throughout the land. So how come I'm not making any money off the busienss I'm stirring up for them? Look at all of the companies I trash on a daily basis. Without me they'd have nothing, bupkis! They could probably hold an entire conference just on the companies whose reputations Confined Space alone has destroyed.

I'm waiting for these guys to invite me to speak at their conference. It's right down the street. An offer in the low four figures ought to be enough to get me there.

If you're interested in attending, check them out here. It's only $225 (or $150, if you're a Chamber of Commerce member.)