Saturday, October 02, 2004

Neiman Marcus Employees to Keep Their Heads

It's nice when OSHA issues a big fine before someone gets their arms or legs or heads cut off. OSHA has cited Needless Markup Neiman Marcus. Paul Brantley, OSHA's Austin area office director said that "Employees were routinely crawling into the compactor chute to smash down trash while the machine was energized, risking death or injury."

OSHA issued the $93,000 willful citation for failing to enforce "lockout/tagout" procedures before employees enter a machine. The citation was levied against the Austin, Texas, Neiman Marcus "Last Call" discount clearance center.

The Last Call stores offer the same upscale Neiman Marcus merchandise at 50% to 75% off retail. Wouldn't want to jeopordize the discounts by taking the time to shut down the compacter before someone crawls in, would we?