Monday, April 18, 2005

Carnival Of The Uncapitalists

A blog carnival is kind of a one-day group blog that migrates from site to site. This week the Carnival of the Uncapitalists -- Markets and Health Edition -- is being sponsored by the always interesting Majikthise and includes a contribution by yours-truly, as well as blog-brother Revere at Effect Measure.

According to C-un-C founder, Charles Norman Todd (author of Freiheit und Wissen), "If you do not know already, this project has emerged as an attempt to provide an alternative to the long-running and well-known Carnival of the Capitalists." Its purpose is to illuminate some of the flaws and exesses of our capitalist system an what improvements might be possible.

The first two Carnivals of the Uncapitalists, in case you missed them are here and here. Get ye over there and read.