Saturday, July 23, 2005

Blogging From The AFL-CIO Convention

No, not me. I never get to go anywhere fun.

Upset that the Tour de France is over? Well now you can follow the excitement of the AFL-CIO convention -- almost live -- from onsite bloggers and other news sources. Will they split? Who will split? Will a last minute deal be made?

Jonathan Tasini, currently situated in the in the bowels of the Chicago Sheraton, has been keeping us up on all the inside stories and emerging developments in the dispute between the Sweeney loyalists and the "dissidents" of the Change To Win coalition, and will continue to keep us up-to-date at Working Life.

Tim Nesbitt, President of the Oregon AFL-CIO will also be blogging from the convention.

You can also find continuous analysis by Nathan Newman, Bill Fletcher, Jo-Ann Mort and others at the TPM House of Labor Blog

Meanwhile, LabourStart will also be offering comprehensive coverage of the Convention. (Also remember, if you have a webpage, you can integrate the LabourStart newsfeed into your site. (Check the right-hand column of Confined Space for an example.)

And I'll make sure to cover any breaking workpace safety news from the convention. (In other words, don't expect to hear a lot from me.)