Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Health Benefits? Nah! She Was Just a Contractor. Yeah, a Contractor. That's the Ticket.

Family looks for answers in relative's death
By KATRICE HARDY, The Virginian-Pilot
© April 4, 2003

Cinthia Murillo plans to leave Chesapeake on Saturday to bring her sister back to their hometown of Mexicali, Mexico, for burial.

Family members have been in Hampton Roads for two weeks trying to learn more about how Dahlia Burr Murillo died in a construction accident and whether she had health benefits with the Norfolk company she worked for.

If she did, the family believes, then most of her hospital medical expenses, and maybe some of the burial costs, would be covered.
Porter-Blaine officials, who declined to comment, have told OSHA that Murillo did not have benefits because she was an independent contractor.

Cinthia Murillo believes that her sister did have benefits. Porter-Blaine took 12 percent out of Dahlia's checks, she said recently.

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