Thursday, May 29, 2003

Let's Tell It Like It Is: What Language do They Speak At OSHA?

OSHA Press Release: Failure to Develop Procedures for Confined Space Entry Leads to $146,000 Fine for Menomonie, Wis. Employer

What Actually Happened: Brave Harvestore, Inc., a company that builds and services grain and silage silos, killed an employee because it didn't train him or provide him with the proper equipment to enter an oxygen deficient confined space.

Better Headline: Menomonie, Wis Employer Fined $146,000 for Killing Worker in Confined Space.

OSHA Press Release: OSHA Cites Two Contractors for Lack of Fall Protection at Panama City Hathaway Bridge Project; Proposed Penalties Total $49,300

What Actually Happened: An unsecured ladder slipped, dropping an employee 60 feet onto a concrete surface where he hit his head and then rolled through a gap into the water, 60 feet below.

Better Headline: Two Contractors Cited for Killing Employee by Failing to Provide Fall Protection