Friday, May 09, 2003


Two not to miss articles from The Nation: The first is Pride and Predjudice by Katha Pollitt, who critically looks at highly paid high-tech executives who have been laid off and are now forced into meaningless, ego-sapping, low-paying jobs – the same jobs that are believed to be the salvation for unmotivated, immoral welfare mothers. Pollitt, by the way just won the National Magazine Award in the Columns and Commentary category.

The second is Eric Alterman's Bush Goes AWOL – not from the National Guard – but from his responsibility as President to ensure the national welfare and security in number of areas, including chemical plant security, concern for workers getting smallpox vaccinations, and much, much more. Alterman also writes an excellent Blog which you should read regularly.

Read them. Copy them. Give them to friends. We’ve got a lot of education to do before November 2004.