Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Illinois Governor Signs Pro-Labor Laws

From Nathan Newman
Governor Blagojevich signed 4 pro-labor bills yesterday, mostly aimed at easing organizing among public employees by eliminating delays in recognition by the state. Under the new system, when a majority of workers sign cards requesting union recognition-- they will get recognition without the delays and lawsuits they've faced in the past.

This is the model for labor law reform in the private sector -- unlikely for the foreseeable future since that will require national legislation. But the more states approve it for the public sector, the more compelling it will be as a model for labor law reform.
This is the type of action that should win Blagojevich and the Democrats much more labor support. Good move in a potential battleground state which also has one of the increasingly rare winnable Senate seats.

What I can never figure out, however, is why so many other Democratic Governors (and other politicians) don't automatically do everything the can to help unions organize -- considering that the Democratic party would completely dead (as opposed to being on life support) without labor. It's a basic law of current politics which too few seem to understand: More Labor Union Members = More Democratic Votes.