Friday, August 29, 2003

Yet Another Reason That Unions Are Security Risks

Bush Holds Federal Pay Raise to 2% in 2004

George the W has decided that federal employees (other than the military) should only receive 2% raises next year, as opposed to the 4.1% that the President has proposed for the military and that the House Appropriations Committee last month backed for all federal employees.

The reason?
In a letter to congressional leaders, Bush said the larger increase "would threaten our efforts against terrorism or force deep cuts in discretionary spending or federal employment to stay within budget."
Does this mean that those who advocate for a larger federal payraise are "threatening our efforts against terrorism?"

If so, John Sweeney better start packing his bags for Guantanemo:
AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said the president's action was "shameful, and makes clear that Bush is making federal employees pay for his own fiscal recklessness."
And, of course, there's the obvious point made by Tapped:
Tell us, Mr. President, do massive tax cuts for the wealthy, which balloon federal deficits and starve the government of needed funds, also threaten our efforts against terrorism? By your logic, yes.