Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Convention Report: Obama was good, but Teddy wins by a nose

No, I'm not there, but I watch T.V. (This is the first convention since I got cable T.V., do I get to watch the whole thing. Yeah, I know, I'm a political junkie)

Tonight's verdict:

Barak Obama actually met -- and exceeded -- all expectations. Almost gives you faith in the American political system.

After hearing about Teresa Heinz Kerry for so long, it was good to actually hear from her.

And finally, Ted Kennedy. It wasn't the best speech I've ever heard him give (that would be his 1980 convention speech -- among the best speeches I've ever heard) But the best part of his speech was that he is the only conventions speaker (at least that I've heard) that has mentioned workplace safety:
When men and women needed protection in the workplace, we demanded safe conditions for their jobs. We insisted on the right to higher pay for working overtime. We guaranteed the right to form a union. We pledged a fair minimum wage, so that no one in America who works for a living should have to live in poverty.
Consequently, Senator Edward M. Kennedy is tonight's winner of the Confined Space Award for Best Addressing the Concerns of Working People.

Congratulations Senator.