Friday, July 09, 2004

Summer Fun: Join the Contest

SEIU Health and Safety Director Bill Borwegen has a fun idea to get us through the dog-days of summer. He finds it a bit odd that OSHA's workplace violence conference is being co-sponsored by handgun manufacturer Smith & Wesson.
You probably also know that handguns kill - on average- 12 children a day- and many more adults.

Let's help OSHA meet their partnership and alliance forming goals with other companies and trade associations. For example, OSHA could partner with Johns Manville to plan a conference on asbestos. You get the idea.

Please submit your entries by Friday, July 16th.

The winning entry will be announced in a subsequent e-mail, and will also receive a purple, asbestos free, but not bullet proof, SEIU T-shirt.

Please send your entries to:

Thanks and good luck!