Monday, March 14, 2005

And we're trusting this company with our lives?

"TIMCO Aviation Services Inc. is one of the largest independent Commercial Jet Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Overhaul and Aircraft Storage service providers in the United States" So says the Timco website. Sounds good to me. Until today:
GREENSBORO -- Air safety advocates are troubled by TIMCO's use of illegal immigrants to work on airplanes at Piedmont Triad International Airport not only for fear of terrorism, but also out of concern for mechanical errors that could put the flying public at risk.

The company's use of undocumented immigrants could lead to a maintenance flaw with serious in-flight consequences, said Gail Dunham, president of the National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation.

"TIMCO hired them because they are cheap," said Dunham, a Summerfield resident whose Washington-based group claims to be the nation's "largest grass-roots air safety organization."

"When people's lives are on the line, they should be hiring the very best people, not the cheapest," she said.