Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Globalization Health and Safety Conference Announcement

I don't do a whole lot of conference promotion on this site (unless I'm speaking there), but this one looks too good to pass up. If you're in the neighborhood, or can get there, try to attend

Workplace Health and Safety in the Global Economy
April 29-30, 2005
University of Oregon, Eugene

Globalization means working conditions in developing and industrial countries are more and more interconnected, and OHS practitioners, labor activists, and researchers need to talk about it.

The University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center is hosting a conference on OHS and labor issues in the globalized economy to promote this discussion and share technical, political, and organizing skills and resources across borders and continents. Health and safety professionals, labor and NGO activists, corporate officials, and researchers from Latin America, Asia, South Africa, US, Canada, and Europe will gather at the two-day working conference to address "needs, barriers, and signs of progress" in the area of working conditions and labor rights and to highlight projects around the world that provide examples of effective action and continuing needs. The conference will provide ample networking opportunities for practitioners, activists, and researchers. The conference will commemorate Worker Memorial Day during lunch on April 29.

Sessions include:
  • OHS Prevention Programs in the Informal Sector
  • Global Corporate Programs: Best Practices and Barriers
  • Regulation and Enforcement in the Global Semiconductor Industry
  • Immigration, Migration, and OHS
  • Gender Issues In OHS In Developing Countries
  • Trade agreements, public health, and occupational health

Speakers include:
  • Ellen Rosskam, ILO
  • Harley Shaiken, UC-Berkeley
  • Monina Wong, Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee
  • Cathy Walker, Canadian Auto Workers Union
  • Andrew Watterson, Univ. of Stirling
  • Julia Quinonez, Comite Fronterizo de Obreras (Mexico)
  • Deanna Robinson, Gap, Inc.
  • Homero Fuentes, Coverco (Guatemala)
  • Kalpona Akter, Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity
  • Garrett Brown, Maquiladora Health and Safety Support Network
  • Maggie Robbins, Hesperian Foundation

ILO Programme on Socio-Economic Security
Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics
Maquiladora Health and Safety Support Network
National Council for Occupational Safety and Health

Registration: $165 regular, $85 student

More information here.