Saturday, June 18, 2005

Teen Worker Resources

Ah, it's summertime again. Swimming pools, camp and teenagers getting jobs -- and teenagers getting hurt and killed on those jobs. According to NIOSH, every year about 70 teens die from work injuries in the United States. Another 70,000 get hurt badly enough that they go to a hospital emergency room.

The National Consumer League has listed the fivemost dangerous summer jobs for teens:

1. Agriculture: Fieldwork and Processing

2. Construction and Work in Heights

3. Outside Helper: Landscaping, Groundskeeping, and Lawn Service

4. Driver/Operator: Forklifts, Tractors, and ATVs

5. Traveling Youth Crews

If you've got a kid starting a summer job (or you are a kid starting a summer job), check out the following resources.

Web Pages

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries: Great collection of resources for and about young worker health and safety.

Safe Jobs for Youth, UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program.

Young Workers' Health and Safety Website, a project of the California Resource Network for Young Worker Health and Safety and the U.C. Berkeley's Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP)

Youth 2 Work - OSHA - Department of Labor

Fact Sheets

Health and Safety Rights on the Job for Teen Workers. National COSH Network. (pdf)

Are You a Working Teen? Factsheet on Safety and Health Hazards on the job for Young Workers (pdf)

Hurt on the Job? Information Alert for Teens Basic Guide to Workers' Compensation for Teen Workers (pdf)

So You've Got the Job . California Resource Network for Young Worker Health and Safety

Facts About Teen Driving on the Job, Teen Labor Coalition

And when all else fails:

What Is a Union? California Resource Network for Young Worker Health and Safety

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