Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Beyond Confined Space

As I mentioned in last week's farewell post (here, if you missed it), I will try to keep you up to date on places you can go to find similar information and analysis. Here's the first installment:

Workplace Health and Safety News

  • The Pump Handle is an excellent blog that covers regulatory issues. To fill some of the gap left by the termination of Confined Space, The Pump Handle has launched a new feature, Confined Space@TPH, that will keep up on workplace safety and health news.

  • Starting next week, Tammy Miser will continue the misnamed The Weekly Tollevery two weeks on its own page.

  • You should also bookmark the award-winning Hazards Magazine, run by the intrepid Rory O'Neill and friends. Hazards has health and safety news and a toolbox of indepth information about every conceivable health and safety issue.

  • The labor news service, Labourstart runs a health and safety page. If you have a webpage, you can also set up a health and safety feed (check out the right-hand column of Confined Space)

  • The CalOSHA Reporter offers a free daily news digest. Despite its name, it covers more than just California news. You read the on-line version here or subscribe to the daily e-mail.

  • For immigrant issues, you can't go wrong with Working Immigrants

  • For Workers Compensation news, check out Workers Comp Insider.

  • For general public health news and commentary (as well as excellent writing), there's no better place to go than Effect Measure.

Labor News

  • Labourstart also runs an excellent labor news service, sorted by country. US labor news is here. If you have a webpage, you can run the Labourstart newsfeed.

  • RawblogXport runs a labor news blog as well, with short excerpts for labor articles.

  • Mick Arran has resurrected Dispatch From The Trenches, a labor commentary blog, and, in honor of the demise of Confined Space, has added a feature called TrenchNews, "a round-up of some of the news stories on unions and labor issues that the MSM either buries in the Business pages or doesn’t cover at all."

Well, that should do it for now. I'll continue to keep you updated as new workplace safety resources come on line.