Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Budget Humor

You gotta hand it to the old Chimpster in the White House. The guy's got a sense of humor. If he loses the election, there's always Saturday Night Live. He's so funny, he can even liven up the Federal Budget.

Mark Schmitt at the Decembrist found these. I thought they were a joke, but they're real. Check it out here. Read the captions.

Hoo, ha ha. What a guy!

And, I hate to give it away, but here's the punch line:
Improving education for all children, strengthening Medicare, working towards a cleaner environment, and extending compassion and a helping hand to those in need are key to supporting the values that make our Nation strong. The agency chapters that follow describe in more detail how President Bush’s Budget proposes to address the challenges we face in upholding these and other important American values.