Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Train Wagon That Killed 4 Secured by Two Small Pieces of Wood

The runaway train wagon that killed four British workers earlier this week was apparently being held in place by two small pieces of wood jammed underneath the wheels.

According to Bob Crow, General secretary of the Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT), the union that represents the railway workers,
"Our information suggests that two two-inch blocks of wood were placed beneath the wheels of the trolley to stop it moving.

"Apparently loading had just commenced when the trolley crushed the wood and careered downhill."

Mr Crow said there had been claims the workers were not aware that there were colleagues on the line down hill.

"If this information is correct our members will be outraged at the cavalier, reckless and disjointed approach to safety management and safe ways of working on the railways," he said.

(via the Yorkshire Ranter)