Tuesday, May 17, 2005

To Die For Halliburton

Halliburton shareholders meet tomorrow in Houston. In addition to the $7.1 billion revenue the company has made off its recent work in Iraq last year, there are several other things to note, like FBI and SEC investigatoins into Halliburton's work in Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, and the Balkans, investigations into systematic accounting fraud, and continuing investigations into widespread systematic overcharging in Iraq.

But, according to a new report by Corpwatch, "Houston: We Still Have a Problem," there is an item of special concern to families of Halliburton employees:

Sixty Halliburton employees were killed in Iraq in 2004. This tragic number is compounded by allegations by victims' families that say Halliburton misrepresented the true nature of their loved ones' duties and intentionally placed them in harm's way. These families are now suing Halliburton in both Texas and California.