Monday, August 08, 2005

Send Letters To Your Senator

I've been accused of being too one-sided, so I'm letting the other guys make a contribution to this blog. From an unnamed NAM member:

I've been eagerly monitoring my e-mail for the past couple days, impatiently awaiting the exciting August issue of the National Association of Manufacturers' Workplace Watch. They always contain vital information for the survival of America's greatest engine of growth, the small employer.

Finally, at 2:20 this afternoon, my wait was over. I eagerly clicked, looking for the latest news about the neverending battle against the greatest threat to the American dream, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

And I wasn't disappointed. Midway down was a message encouraging small businesses to write their Senators urging them to introduce and support passage of the four OSHA bills passed in the House earlier this month. They even provided a handy link with a draft message that you can modify. That was a good idea, because I thought their sample letter was much too wimpy. This is what I wrote instead to my Senators:
Four key bills that would weaken the Occupational Safety and Health Act, but help the bottom line of small businesses were passed by the House in July and I strongly urge you to vote for all four:

1) H.R. 739, the Occupational Safety and Health Small Business Day in Court Act;
2) H.R. 740, the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Efficiency Act;
3) H.R. 741, the Occupational Safety and Health Independent Review of OSHA Citations Act; and
4) H.R. 742, the Occupational Safety and Health Small Employer Access to Justice Act.

Small companies like mine have trouble dealing with lazy, careless workers. These bills are a good first step in weakening their protections. None of these proposals would have a positive impact on workplace safety and health protections, but these reforms will lead to improved business profits by making it easier for employers to inimidate and avoid compliance with OSHA standrd and ensure that workplaces are as free from government interference as possible.

Obeying whatever safety and health conditions the employer thinks are reasonable is good for workers and enhances the profits of employers, especially small businesses that are the real engine of economic growth and job creation in today’s economy. Frivolous worker complaints diminish the competitiveness for employers both at home and abroad. This legislative package will reduce unnecessary worker interference and attorney’s fees by ensuring that OSHA focuses on meaningless alliances and harmless web pages.

All of these bills are common sense fixes that would help reduce the costs of business and lead to greater corporate profits. I urge you to support all four bills, as passed by the House, and oppose any debilitating amendments or additions that would empower workers.


Mr. John Doe
Acme Widget Company
2730 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22201

You should try it too. Is this a great organization or what?