Friday, August 12, 2005

Surprise! Business Supports John Roberts

We've reported a couple of times (here and here) about probability that Supreme Court nominee John Roberst will be good for business and bad for workers. David Sirota notes that the National Association of Manufacturers has announced its official support of Roberts and the Chamber of Commerce is soon to follow. According to the NAM President John Engler, local NAM affiliates would be expected to lobby undecided senators to support the nomination.

Shocked at this unprecidented involvement of the business community in a Supreme Court nomination. Don't be, says Sirota:
The fact is, this shouldn't be a surprise - Roberts' nomination is a sign that Big Business sees its chance to not only own the Presidency and the Congress, but now the judicial branch. After all, it was these same groups who have spent months literally ordering the White House to consider certain nominees, and to discount others, based on the potential nominees' willingness to sell out ordinary Americans and whore for Corporate America. And it was these exact same groups who the Financial Times notes Roberts "represented or filed briefs on behalf of" during his illustrious legal career as Big Business's "go-to lawyer."

Not surprisingly, most of the attention on Roberts continues to focus on his views on social issues - not economic ones, which the Supreme Court is increasingly getting involved in. That is, of course, the way Corporate America likes it - keep the focus off Roberts' controversial career gutting workplace laws, and shafting workers, and that way the idiots in the mainstream media will continue to bill him as a "moderate" and thus he can get through the corporate-owned U.S. Senate.
I can hardly wait.