Friday, December 23, 2005

Off To Celebrate The Winter Solstice

Blogging will undoubtedly be lite over the next week, although I doubt I'll be successful resisting the lure of the computer for the entire time I'm in L.A. with the parents and inlaws.

I want to end the year with some thank you's to some special people:

  • All of the people who send me stories to write about so that I can spend my time ranting and spewing, instead of searching. Particular thanks to Jonathan Bennett at NYCOSH, and a few others who need to remain nameless
  • All of the people who send me money. I'm not getting rich on it, but I was able to buy a new computer (for which I am profoundly thankful every crashless day since), and the little bit of extra cash allows me to justify taking vacation days to speak at health and safety conferences.
  • All the people who invite me to come and speak. I can't make them all (not enough vacation), but I do enjoy getting away from Washington to talk with you all.
  • Other bloggers who inspire me with your insight, analysis, wit, wisdom and energy.
  • Everyone who takes the time to submit a comment -- even critical comments -- and e-mails. I read them all, even if I don't always respond.
  • Family members of workers killed on the job who inspire the rest of us by putting their lives into making sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.
  • Tammy, without whom the Weekly Toll would not be possible.
  • Everyone who sends out a group e-mail and forgets to put the addresses in the bcc box (allowing me to scarf up the addresses and send them all a free copy of Confined Space).
  • All of you readers out there who grow more numerous every day. Keep passing it on. There are still several million people who haven't read Confined Space yet.
  • My family, who still has a dim, distant memory of a father and husband who doesn't get sucked down to the basement every night.
So have a happy holiday, with family, friends or whomever makes you feel good. And finally, as you look forward to promise of the New Year, remember...

IT'S AN ELECTION YEAR. Let's make it a good one.