Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Another Wasted Life; Another Employer Avoids Jail

OSHA fined Triram Corp. $52,000 for killing a worker who was blown off an asphalt tank after they told him to weld on it.
Christopher Lyon, 31, of Brooklyn, Conn., was killed in the accident.

Investigators at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration said Triram Corporation instructed Lyon to work on the tank without telling him what was inside, or the dangers of working near heated asphalt's flammable vapors.

That amounted to a "willful" violation, OSHA said, meaning it was committed with intentional disregard or plain indifference to OSHA requirements.
Add another one to the NY Times list of employers who got way cheap after knowingly putting workers into a situation that killed them.

The company boasts that
The products and services offered by Triram Corporation, an affiliate of the Hudson Asphalt Group, proudly reflect our enduring commitment to providing superior customer service at all times.
Too bad they don't have an "enduring commitment" to provide a safe workplace for their employees.

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