Monday, January 12, 2004

Washington State Ergo Aftermath: Safety Pays

Comment to Confined Space

Sometimes the comments work. Sometimes they don't. Randy Loomins, Education and Safety Director of the Wasington State Federation of Labor left this comment a couple of weeks ago, but it somehow never made it onto the site. (Probably sabotage by the bad guys) So I'm republishing it here:
Jordan thanks so much for the great work you did on putting the Washington Ergonomic Story out there to the rest of the country to hear about. One thing I would like to add to the story. The ergo solution workshop that the AWB hosted after the election was a half day session (with lunch) the presenter was one of the two ergonomist who came out against the rule. the cost was $350.00 per person for the same information they could have gotten free from Labor and Industry. Quite a payback for the ergonomists who supported their position don't you think. Thanks again, Randy