Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ich Bin Ein Ohioan (Hypothetically Speaking)

We're all from Ohio, or at least if we're not, we better go there or talk to everyone we know there if we want to win the election. I have a habit about this time every four years of playing endlessly with electoral college calculators. Bottom line: Although it's possible to win 270 electoral votes without Ohio or Florida, one or the other would more or less guarantee a Kerry victory (barring Supreme Court intervention).

All of this is by way of introducing new Ohio blog put together by some friends. It's called
Hypothetically Speaking. A lot of it is "inside" Ohio stuff that I'm not familiar with, but there's also good (well, not always good, but interesting) polling information and they posted today a well done advertisement by "Hold Them Accountable 2004.Com"

If you're interested in all things Ohio, check it out.