Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Job Openings in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety and Health (Philaposh) is looking for a new director.

Philaposh is one of a national network of COSH groups (Committees on Occupational Safety and Health). COSH groups are private, non-profit coalitions of labor unions, health, legal and technical professionals, and others interested in promoting and advocating for worker health and safety and for injured workers’ rights. Philaposh provides training, education, and advocacy on a wide range of related topics, and has been instrumental in the passage of important protective legislation at the City, State and Federal levels during our almost 30 year history. Philaposh organizes two major public events each year, including the local commemoration of Workers’ Memorial Day in April.

(Philaposh is also looking for a Part Time Bookkeeper/Support Staff)

For more information, contact:

Search Committee
3001 Walnut Street, 5th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104

For more information, contact Jim Moran, 215-386-7000,, or Kathy Black, 215-893-3770,