Friday, December 03, 2004

Tired Of Being Forced to Register on Newspaper Websites?

One of the best thing about blogs is you're able to link to so many things all over the web. You can get a summary by reading the blog and then click on the hotlink for more details. As my loyal readers know, most of my links go to local newspapers. And as many of my loyal readers also know, more and more newspapers are requiring people to register before viewing any articles beyond the home page....which is a major pain in the ass.

As I read every newspaper in the country at least once a week, I've probably registered for almost all of them. Most of you are not as crazy as I am and probably give up in frustration when you hit a registration page.

Now, thanks to, there's a way to short-cut the registration. has pre-registered at almost every newspaper in the country. When you hit a registration page, just call up, paste in the URL of the offensive registration page, and they'll give you a login and password. Pretty cool.

They even provide a way to add BugMeNot to your right-click menu.

Try it. Then click on those links. You'll be glad you did.