Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Arnold Plans To Terminate Labor Center

In yet another action proving that he has been sent on his mission by California business interests, Governor Arnold Scwarzenegger (Jeez, that's hard to write!) has announced that he plans to eliminate the University of California's Institute for Labor and Employment.

According to a fact sheet put out by supporters,
The Institute for Labor and Employment is the only statewide program within the University of California that specifically addresses the labor and employment concerns of California’s changing workforce. It provides a critical link between the university, the state’s workforce, and the labor movement.
Meanwhile, no university business schools have been slated for elmination. In fact,
The Anderson School of Management at UCLA, the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley, and the Agricultural School at UC Davis each receive more state funding annually than the total received by the ILE in the past three years.
Although eliminating the Institute won't save much money -- the current $4 million budget will be cut to $2 million next year and then to 0 the following year -- the political value for Schwarzenegger is evident.
The institute drew the wrath of Republicans and other supporters of the recall of Davis this year when a staff member of the institute agreed to participate in a "How to Advocate Against the Recall" seminar sponsored by labor groups.
In addition, the Manhattan Institute, a right-wing think tank has attacked labor education programs like the institute, charging that “Under AFL-CIO chief John Sweeney, these departments have defined their mission chiefly as supporting labor and its organizing effects rather than educating students.”

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