Thursday, December 18, 2003

Support the Strikers/Boycott Safeway

This is a bad time of year to be on strike. The weather's lousy and the holiday season with no job and no money is hard on everyone, especially the kids.

More than 80,000 supermarket workers are fighting to protect health care benefits as their employers--grocery super-chains like Safeway-owned Vons, Albertsons and Kroger-controlled Ralph's--attempt to cut their health care--driving these workers into poverty.

The AFL-CIO has set up a national strike support fund to help these workers. The fund is raising money to support the everyday needs of the strikers and their families. Please consider donating to help the grocery workers by clicking here.

Boycott Safeway

Do not shop at any Safeway stores. From San Diego to Boston
and from Seattle to Miami the UFCW is asking everybody to not shop at Safeway-owned stores, including Vons, Safeway, Pavilions, Carrs, Dominick's, Randalls, Tom Thumb or Genuardi's.

For more than nine weeks these workers have been holding the line for affordable health care at work against the Safeway-led charge to destroy health benefits for workers and their families. These workers and their families urgently need your support.