Saturday, December 06, 2003

Ditch Dutch's Dime

Bizarre Cult Attempts to Put Leader on U.S. Coin

I frequently have conversations like this.

Airline Person: "To where would you like to fly sir?"

Me: "Washington D.C."

Airline Person:"Which airport? Reagan, Dulles or Baltimore Washington?"

Me: "National"

Airline Person:"Which one is that?"

Me: The one that's not Dulles or Baltimore. You know, DCA?
Or this one

Me: Take me to the airport please.

Taxi Driver: Reagan?

Me: National

Taxi Driver: Uh, that's Reagan, right?

Me: No, that's National (Followed by a discourse on the crimes of Ronald Reagan lasting the rest of the trip to National.)
You see, when the Republicans floated the idea of changing the name of Washington National Airport to Reagan National Airport, I laughed. I laughed because it seemed so ridiculous. I laughed because it would be so ironic: the President who busted PATCO having the capital's airport named after him. Hah!

And then I realized that it was really about to happen. I quickly mounted a national campaign to stop this atrocity -- about two hours before Congress passed the legislation changing the name.

I soon began plotting revenge, creating the image seen way, way down at the bottom of this site (scroll all the way down) and fantasized about creating a sticker, signing up co-conspirators and clandestinely plastering National Airport. Alas, although I'd be a national hero, I didn't think my kids would appreciate missing soccer games to come see me on visitors days at the local pokey.

So, you can imagine my alarm at the latest ludicrous proposal by the Reagan cultists -- the Reagan Dime. I mean, it's bad enough putting him on any coin, but putting him on a coin replacing Franklin Roosevelt is the height of vindictive arrogance (or arrogant vindictiveness).

A bill putting Reagan on the dime was introduced by Congressman Marc Souder (R-IN), allegedly in response to the controversial CBS mini-series on Reagan that got all the cultists up in arms. Souder has 89 co-sponsors -- mostly fellow conservative Republicans -- for his "Ronald Reagan Dime Act." Rep. James McGovern (D-NY) has counted with a bill keeping Roosevelt on the dime. He has 80 co-sponsors.

“'If they want to find another way to honor Ronald Reagan I’m happy to join with them, but leave the dime alone, that’s all I’m saying,' said Rep. James McGovern, D-Mass."

I wouldn't. He's already go an airport and a huge building in Washington. More than enough, thank you very much.

Interestingly, Nancy Reagan is apparently opposed to putting he husband on the dime, and is sure that Ronnie would oppose it as well.

You may be laughing now, but mark my words: laugh not, lest ye be carrying Ronald Reagan in a pocket close to your genetalia for the rest of your life. The current push may die down, but Reagan is 92 and suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Once he goes to the great elephant graveyard in the sky, anything could happen.