Monday, January 23, 2006

Jackson Lewis: One Stop Shopping for Union Busting Lessons and OSHA Directors

It's pretty frightening out there for companies just sitting around minding their own business. You've got this new "Change To Win" union things that's boasting "$750 Million per Year Pledged for Organizing," and the AFL-CIO reacting "to New Competition by Pledging Aggressive Organizing of its Own." And then there's all those "Neutrality Agreements, Card Checks, and Corporate Campaigns Used Widely to Unionize Without NLRB Elections."

With all that going on, some of you may be interested in attending one of these workshops on "How To Stay Union Free," conducted by Jackson Lewis. For only $595, you too can learn
  • How to empower your supervisors to exercise their union-free rights under the law
  • How to protect your company's property rights when confronted with organizing
  • How to define the communications agenda and put the union on the defensive
But wait a minute, now where have I heard of Jackson-Lewis? That name sure rings a bell.

Oh yeah, that's the employer of President Bush's nominee to head OSHA, Edwin Foulke.

And by the way, if any of you union finks are thinking of sneaking in, the brochure states that
The discussions are frank. No recording devices are allowed. Individuals affiliated with union organizations are not eligible for registration. Jackson Lewis reserves the right to refuse participation in the program to anyone other than a bona-fide management representative.