Tuesday, January 31, 2006

No Shame: Sago Mine Owner Appeals Ruling Allowing Union To Participate In The Investigation

These slimebags are pretty damn unbelievable Is this the United States of America, 2006 -- or maybe some feudal kingdom with kings and serfs a thousand years ago. Hard to tell the difference sometimes.

The Wolf Run Mining Co, a subsidiary of the International Coal Group which owns the Sago mine were 12 workers were killed earlier this month, has appealed a court decision that allowed the United Mineworkers union to participate in the investigation of the mine tragedy.

A judge granted an injunction last week allowing the UMW to participate in the investigation after the company blocked their entrance saying that the miners did not want the UMW to participate. Several miners have asked the UMW to be their representative and mine safety law permits UMW officials to join an investigation if two miners designate them as their representatives.

The company says this is just a union organizing tactic. But then one wonders what the company has to fear, if almost all the miners really are on the company's side.

Could it be they have something to hide?


The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals declined Tuesday to suspend the lower-court ruling allowing United Mine Workers representatives to take part in the Sago Mine disaster investigation.

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