Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Kaltech: Don't Forget Training....

My friend Jim Young at the New Jersey Work Environment Council correctly points out that when I reported on the Chemical Safety Board's Kaltech/Chelsea explosion investigation last week I neglected to mention that one of the root causes was the failure of Kaltech to train its employees in hazardous chemical and hazardous waste safety, as well as the failure of the NY City fire code to require training of employees who work with hazardous materials.

The Board recommended that Kaltech train its workers, that the NY Fire Code be revised to include worker training and that the fire department train its inspectors in safe management of hazardous materials.

As Jim says, "This official endorsement of training should, in my opinion, by broadcast, underlined, shouted from the rooftops during this period when union safety and health departments are so vulnerable."

Couldn't agree more.