Wednesday, October 22, 2003

New "Zero Lift" Web Discussion Forum

As OSHA cancels its Nursing Home Initiative, the Work Injured Nurses Group (WING USA) has stepped into the breach, starting a new web discussion forum "offered in hopes of being helpful to those working toward safe patient handling."

The forum is designed "to facilitate communication and collaboration among those working toward safe patient handling."

Check it out here.

Wing USA was started by Anne Hudson, an R.N. who suffered a career-ending back injury from lifting patients
Since suffering a work-related spinal injury in June of 2000, and losing my position solely because I was unable to continue heavy lifting, I want to help increase awareness of what can and does happen to back-injured nurses across the country.
Check out the WING USA main site here. The site contains an enormous amount of helpful information and ammunition for nurses seeking to improve their working conditions.