Saturday, October 04, 2003

More Regulatory Burdens on Small Business

Only this time the small businesses are labor unions. Check out Nathan Newman on the latest illustration of the hypocrisy of the Right -- the Bush Administration's new regulations to enforce onerous new disclosure rules on unions.

Also require corporations to report information that "that lets them hide profits overseas, report publicly what they pay their workers, how much they contract out overseas, or a host of other things that would help the public?" Surely you jest!

UPDATE: Much more on the new regs from Daily Kos
This initiative has one purpose—to inhibit the ability of democratically-elected union leaders to use their unions’ resources to educate their members about public policy and political candidates. The more time union officers spend reporting every finance transaction to the Department of Labor, the less time they have to tell their members about George Bush’s latest attack on their right to bargain collectively and their right to earn a decent living.