Tuesday, November 18, 2003

AARPissed Off

Within days of my 50th birthday (I know, you can't believe I'm anywhere near that old), I got my first letter from AARP asking me to join. As retirement seems to get farther and farther away as my childen get closer to college, I decided to put it aside until I actually started thinking about retirement -- probably in my early 90's. After reading the paper today about the AARP signing onto the Repubican Medicare deform proposal, I'm glad I didn't join.

I don't follow AARP developments very much, but I always had the impression that they were somewhat progressive...until Suburban Guerrilla revealed that AARP is nothing but another insurance company. Who woulda thunk it?

It was somewhat comforting to read, however, that most of the Democratic candidates, and many AARP members are giving the organization grief (and here) for their sell-out. Lieberman is still studying the bill, the demerits of which you can read about here and here.