Monday, November 24, 2003

They'll sure think twice about killing any more of their employees...

The wrath of big government again...
InChem plant fined for safety violations

InChem Corp. at 800 Cel-River Road was recently fined $350 by state regulators for serious safety violations.

The state [South Carolina] Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued the fine after an investigation that started after contract employee Emerson Sturgil was killed at the InChem plant in June. The 70-year-old Fountain Inn resident was an employee of Operatos Unlimited, a firm that hires out wastewater operators.

According to the OSHA report, Sturgil was standing on a ladder that was leaning on an over-pressurized carbon filtration canister, which exploded. Sturgil was thrown head-first into a concrete wall and killed, the report stated.

The employer knew, or should have known, that the equipment could be operated at unsafe pressure levels, the report stated.

The company has since installed pressure-relief devices on the equipment, the report stated.

InChem officials were not available for comment Wednesday.

Sturgil's death was the third fatal incident in six years at InChem, which makes chemicals used in coatings in hot-melt adhesives. Since 1995, the company has been fined about $54,000 by OSHA for safety violations.
Hey, it was only the third person they've killed in three years. If they don't watch out, the next person they kill might cost them $500.