Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Rush Accuses Republicans of Traitorous Nixonian Politics

Rush Limbaugh may be off the drugs, but his mind is still altered. He's upset about the prescription drug "sellout" by the Repubilcans who have forgotten that they're supposed to be for limited government, just like that other Republican sellout, Richard Nixon.
Let me just continue with this. I know Bush has cut taxes, but the Republicans haven't done anything to stem the growth of government, and it's in this respect that this administration reminds me of Nixon. Remember, under Nixon EPA and OSHA were created. Nixon also put federal police powers behind affirmative action. And he imposed wage and price controls.....There is no party in the Congress representing the whole concept of limited government and individual liberty. The view that says the Constitution must be followed and the federal government's scope and size must be limited, there's nobody in power that represents that view. Well, there are 12 or 14 in the House. There's some people around, but they get bowled over. Now, it may be good politics for the moment, but it could be crippling to the Republican Party in the future. I mean, look, it's hard to argue that the Republicans believe in limited government when they're responsible for this prescription drug entitlement, the EPA and OSHA and affirmative action. It's hard to make the case that they're for limited government.
Yeah, throw the bums out.