Saturday, April 17, 2004

Can this be true?

The Oklahoma Prosperity Project is implementing voter education programs designed to increase turnout for business-friendly candidates by providing "business leaders with tools to educate their employees on the candidates' positions on business issues and encourage their employees to get out to the polls on Election Day." The program is being sponsored by the Washington, D.C.-based BIPAC (Business Industry Political Action Committee).
"BIPAC noted before the 2000 election that there's been a real shift in where people are getting information about elections, and that some of the traditional sources aren't as effective as they used to be," said Kris Rush, executive director of the Oklahoma Prosperity Project. "Political parties and unions are certainly powerful, but where employees wish they could get information today, based on BIPAC research, is from their employers. They realize that in the economic times that we have been through that nobody understands the issues that affect their jobs better than their boss, better than their employer."
Yeah, right. And isn't that a beautiful dress you have on today Mrs. Cleaver.