Saturday, April 24, 2004

What's The Only Thing Worse Than Being Mistaken For A Ku Klux Klan Murderer?

Republicans are in a panic in the state of Colorado since Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell decided to retire instead of running for another term. Democrats are running popular Colorado Secretary of State Ken Salazar for the seat. Some think the Republicans are giving up and to avoid wasting money have convinced beer giant Pete Coors to run. Coors, in addition to being independently wealthy, comes from a long line of arch-conservative, anti-labor, union-busting, environment-shredding uncompassionate and unapologetic right-wing conservatives.

My Colorado correspondant reports that Coors is doing his best to live up to his family's reputation:
Thursday's New York Times misidentified GOP Senate candidate Pete Coors as a Ku Klux Klan member who murdered a black sharecropper.

The Coors campaign found the error "so outrageous it's kind of funny," said spokeswoman Cinamon Watson.

"It could have been worse," she joked. "Pete could have been identified as John Kerry."
Or Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Genghis Khan or Saddam Hussein.

Hold on for the ride, people. Still six months to go....