Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Oh Great. Now We're Killing Martians In The Workplace

I've been waiting anxiously for the next Tom Cruise - Steven Spielberg movie, War of the Worlds, the story of a Martian invasion of earth. I'm not really familiar with the plot, but I have a theory that the invasion has something to do with our poor workplace safety practices and the fact that we seem to be killing Martian immigrants in trench collapses.

For example:

Bridgeport, CT -- The Bridgeport worker who was killed in a construction accident in Shelton Saturday was an illegal alien, according to immigration officials, and the company for which he worked could face a fine of $70,000.

I mean just because our friends from other planets send their "illegals" here doesn't mean we have to kill them. No wonder they're invading us.

Oh wait.

Admilson Dias Vieira, 36, of Bridgeport, a native of Brazil, died after the sides of a trench he was working on at 23 Bruce Drive collapsed on him.

Some 60 firefighters from Shelton, Bridgeport and Derby worked frantically for about five hours to rescue Vieira, who was buried under about 12 feet of dirt and boulders.

Vieira reportedly left a wife and three young sons in Brazil.
Nevermind. Just another Hispanic worker who entered the country without documentation, trying to make enough money to send back home to his family.

Move along, nothing to see here.