Monday, June 20, 2005

SEMCOSH Launches New WebLog

It's a baby blog!

Confined Space claims paternity to a new blog by the Southeast Michigan Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health (SEMCOSH). The first post lays out the problem for COSH groups today:
The important question isn't whether Andy Stern (SEIU prez) gets his new federation or whether John Sweeney gets another term... but what do we do down here in the trenches.

At the COSH in Detroit a long (slow) move towards being more of a 'workers center' has been propelled by the increasing number of immigrant workers approaching us with employment law problems - don't get paid, don't receive all the wages earned - and an increasing desire to return to the frequent free & open workshops of a couple of years ago.

Our central question: what should a small, non-profit, trilingual (English, Spanish, Arabic) union support organization do to strengthen workers, unions and the working class. We'll be posting some answers, but mostly we want to hear what others are thinking.
Check in occasionally.