Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Short Stops: Blogs To Check Out

Wal-Mart's New Health Plan

Wal-Mart has a new health care plan that it says is affordable for its employees. Workers Comp Insider says WalMart's new health care plan needs to be watched carefully. UFCW says don't bother and Wal-Mart is morally corrupt as well. Meanwhile, Nathan Newman leads us to a NY Times article showing how Wal-Mart "is saving money by forcing more employees into part-time work without benefits and discriminating against the unhealthy and disabled."

Iraq: 2000 And Counting....

As long as we're writing about people who get killed just doing their jobs, head over to My DD to find out why its a mistake to focus only on the 2,000 American military who have now been killed in Iraq.

Improved Productivity Kills

Mick Arran says that downsizing and increased productivity is a
recipe for human disaster—social disruption, health problems and higher medical costs (as if they weren’t high enough already), civic failure (who’s got time to be a citizen when they’re working 80 hrs a week and trying to take care of their familes the rest of the time?), and increased danger from products that have been tested or inspected or even made by exhausted workers. The Good News is that some workers are finally fighting back.
Strike Blog

Laddy at My DD points out that the Sutter Health Care workers have been on strike for 40 days now, and they have their own blog. And on a health and safety note, the blog points out that the scabs don't even know how to dispose of syringes safely. (Hat tip Majikthise)