Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Someone In Mississippi Appreciates OSHA

I wrote last week about an absurd letter in the Mississippi Clarion Ledger entitled "Don't let OSHA delay work crews from hurricane clean-up."

Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought the guy was full of crap. Here's a letter that appeared in today's Clarion Ledger.

OSHA regulations save lives in state

I read with dismay the letter from Mike Reese ("Don't let OSHA delay work crews from hurricane clean-up," Oct. 14).

Mr. Reese's comments regarding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reflect either naivete or a clear lack of understanding of the purpose and mission of OSHA.

In a state such as Mississippi where no Department of Labor exists, thanks to our Legislature, the only agency left to monitor and safeguard the workplace is OSHA. Its office is located in Jackson and is staffed not with bureaucratic busybodies, but with dedicated hard-working individuals who work long hours for civil service pay and often in an unappreciated environment.

The work of OSHA in Mississippi, in all probability, saves countless lives.

Anyone working for a responsible employer performing storm clean-up would have been furnished a hard hat and safety equipment.

A description of Mr. Reese's work certainly seemed to warrant such equipment.

Safety in the workplace is just as important today as it was a hundred years ago and in the state of Mississippi only the Occupational Safety and Health Administration stands between employers and serious or fatal injuries to employees.

Roger K. Doolittle
Roger that.