Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm Baaack......

As I return to my lonely basement after a well earned and much-enjoyed vacation in a part of the world where they think our limited vacation time is crazy, my heart is filled with gratitude for the valuable and fascinating contributions of Revere, Cervantes and Tammy, but my nose and sinuses are filled with mucous as I take a rare sick day from work. Perhaps Revere or Cervantes can come up with a logical explanation: while I'm generally a very healthy person, I tend to get sick after long trans-Atlantic (or trans-Pacific) travel. Perhaps I chose wisely when I decided not to become a flight attendant.

Meanwhile, I just survived 5 straight days without touching a keyboard -- a new record -- without any ill effects (aside from this horrendous cold). I even managed to read a 500 page book, an activity increasingly rare among us bloggers.

Finally, in my absence, I find that I've been nominated for two Koufax awards -- Best Expert Blog and Best Single-Issue Blog. Revere at Effect Measure has deservedly joined me in these categories, as have dozens of other even more deserving blogs. The Koufax Awards -- which single out the best lefty blogs (get it?)-- bestow awards in a variety of different areas (e.g. Most Humorous Post and Best Post).

Aside from the miniscule chance of winning (which won't happen for Confined Space until there's a category for Best Workplace Safety blog), the main benefit of these awards is exposure to some of the best writing in the blogosphere. You can find all of the categories at Wampum's main page (left column). (There are still a few more categories to come.) And if you're amazed and astounded at the world of blogs that you never knew existed, drop a few well-earned pennies in their donation box.

By the way, voting hasn't started yet. You'll be the first to know...

So, stay tuned. Blogging may remain a bit on the slow side until my head clears of fluids and refills with that old, familiar sense of outrage.