Monday, March 01, 2004

More Bloggers on the California Supermarket Strike Outcome

Long, depressing article at Daily Kos about the end of the southern California grocery strike.
It’s said that the supermarkets lost more than $1 billion in this dispute. Precisely the amount they claimed they needed to shave off wages and benefits to protect them from the Wal-Mart juggernaut. The losses don’t seem to bother them, nor do they seem to bother their shareholders.

That’s because this fight wasn’t about three big corporations chopping a billion dollars off labor costs associated with 70,000 workers. It was just another installment in the grand scheme that the plutocrats and their bootlicking pundithugs call “class warfare” and blame on its victims. For two decades, they’ve done their best to enlarge the income gap between not merely the top and the bottom, but between the top and everybody else, with the middle class their biggest target. One more round to their side