Wednesday, March 03, 2004

UPS Cited For Tampering With Evidence

Utah OSHA has fined UPS $71,000 for tampering with evidence following the electocution of an employee last August.
Mark D. Hills was electrocuted while working at UPS, 2040 W. Parkway Blvd. (2600 South) on Aug. 19. Hills was trying to get a package that had fallen under a conveyor chute. He touched a large piece of machinery called a Mobile Distribution Unit (MDU) while lying on the ground to retrieve the package.

The MDU's grounding system was not working, and Hills' body provided the path to ground for the energized MDU, according to the UOSHA report.

But before UOSHA investigators could properly investigate the accident, UPS "deliberately and knowingly removed and/or altered equipment, materials or other evidence" related to the accident, according to the report.

The report further stated that after the equipment was removed, "such information was withheld from Utah OSHA personnel" by UPS management. It wasn't until the second day of UOSHA's investigation that UPS disclosed it had removed key evidence, according to the report.
UPS denies that it tried to hide anything and is appealing the citation, claiming it was a misunderstanding.

B.S., says OSHA. "UPS has a documented history of dealings with OSHA (both federal and state), and to claim unawareness was not understandable or a feasible excuse."