Saturday, March 13, 2004

Sometimes, You Just Can't Fool Any Of The People

Working Class Hero

Ohio is destined to be the Florida of election year 2004. Gore gave up on the state early in 2000, yet he lost it by only a few points. With high unemployment and jobs fleeing overseas like cockroaches from Raid, it looks much worse for the R's this year. Which is why President Bush was there earlier this week bragging (sic) about his economic policy.

Well, there's one Ohio worker who wasn't fooled -- and is paying the price.
A state maintenance worker was suspended after he displayed a sign with the word "traitor" on a snowplow while helping provide security for President Bush's motorcade, the Ohio Department of Transportation said.

Michael Gerstenslager was asked to park a snowplow on an entrance ramp to block access to a highway that the president's motorcade used to go from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport into downtown Cleveland on Wednesday.

A state trooper in the president's motorcade saw the sign and reported it to the state's transportation department, ODOT spokeswoman Lora Hummer said.

Gerstenslager is suspended with pay while the department investigates, Hummer said. She said she couldn't identify the potential violations or penalties until the investigation is complete. Discipline can range from a verbal warning to dismissal.

A disciplinary hearing will occur next week, Hummer said.
Gerstenlager is a steward in the Ohio Civil Service Employees, AFSCME Local 11. (I'm sure he must be a graduate of one of my training classes.)

Discipline? I say give him the medal of honor.