Saturday, March 06, 2004

See the World, Travel to Exotic Lands, Get Sprayed With Pesticides

All buckeled in next to child and your pregnant wife, ready for your exotic trip to far away lands when you wife and kid starts getting violently ill. What's going on. "Oh," the flight attendant tells you, "There are other getting sick too. It may be the pesticides they sprayed on the plane."

Yes, believe it or not, several countries still require all incoming aircraft to be sprayed for pesticides. The Association of Flight attendants, whose members endure repeated exposure, is distributing an on-line petition to show the airlines and the Department of Transportation (DOT) that passengers and crew do not want to be sprayed with pesticides when they fly. For more information on aircraft pesticide spraying, check out the AFA webpage.

The AFA is trying to show that there is strong public support for a change to the current practice of spraying people with pesticides on planes.

Please do just take a moment and sign the on-line petition with your mouse. Just click on "sign petition."

If you are not comfortable sending your signature on-line, just use your mouse to print your name. And then forward this message to one and all...